Santos GLNG - Comet to Wallumbilla Pipeline E&I Works


This contract was to complete all outside of battery limit E&I works associated with the major contacts; to install and test all electrical, instrumentation and communications items required to tie in all individual packages to one operating system ready for wet commissioning.

The work locations included;

  • 1672 Wallumbilla manifolds
  • Pickanjinnie Tie in site
  • 7670 Roma – Taroom FOC Regeneration hut
  • 7667 Roma CRWP Take-off to R-HCS-02
  • 1692 Fairview Pipeline Compressor Station 1 (F-PCS-01)

The work typically consisted with;

  • All trenching associated with the contract
  • Installation of underground conduits (Power and Communications)
  • Installation of all associated Earthing systems
  • Cable support systems
  • Power distribution
  • Management and control of “Free issued” equipment
  • Installation and pre commissioning of field equipment, instrumentation, IJB’s & PJB’s
  • Area lighting towers
  • CCTV
  • Hazardous Area inspections and Dossier updates
  • Hand over all completed QA documentation, FTR’s, NCR’s
  • Installation and pressure testing of instrument air and gas tubing.
  • Installation, termination and testing of communication cabling including Fibre optic cabling
  • Installation and pre commissioning of access control system including boom gates

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