ICE HSE Non Negotiables

  1. Never give an instruction to perform an unsafe act
  2. Never operate equipment or machinery without the appropriate training and authorisation
  3. Never fail to complete a risk assessment for the task you are assigned
  4. Never work under the influence  of alcohol or illegal drugs
  5. Never work on live electrical equipment - (excluding testing and fault Finding)
  6. Never fail to Isolate machinery before working on it
  7. Never remove some else's danger tag without authorisation
  8. Never work at a height greater than 2m without fall protection
  9. Never fail to report a hazard immediately and rectify if practicable to do so
  10. Never walk under a suspended load
  11. Never enter a barricaded area without authorisation
  12. Never knowingly leave unsafe plant or equipment in service
  13. Never knowingly hurt or endanger wildlife
  14. Never intentionally damage systems that may have an environmental impact
  15. Never drive off designated roads

ICE Engineering acknowledges the dangers we can face day to day whilst working in the electrical fields on remote construction sites.

It is imperative that our employees know their rights and responsibilities as one of our valued employees.

In the environment that we work in it is important that we look after ourselves and our co-workers. The following questions are to be used as a series of “ON/OFF SWITCHES”. You should only proceed with a task when you can answer “YES” to every one of the questions below:

  1. Are you trained to do the task that your about to complete, and if not, are you under the direct supervision of a supervisor, leading hand or experienced tradesman?
  2. Are you working in accordance with the Work Method Statement, JSEA or Safe Operating Procedure?
  3. If you have been trained to do the task, will you be doing it in accordance with the training you were provided?
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