“I would like to say thanks for the help that ICE engineering have supplied in relation to the LRS (Liquid Resistance Starter)cabling changeover. The shutdown and the work leading up to it has been excellent and the professionalism shown by your lads has been superb. Mick especially ran the job very well, and all the rest of the lads also worked very hard on the project to ensure the deadline was met."

"Please pass on our thanks to all involved."

Martin White



“I have been impressed with the safety culture and the work ethic of your team, and that culture has been reflected in the audits & inspections completed throughout the project. There has been nothing of note identified.

In particular I’d like to thank the entire team, especially for the support provided to keep us safely on track during the pre-commissioning phase”.

“Keep up the great work guys”.


Peter Bentley
HSSE Coordinator
Adelaide Brighton Cement - CM7 Project



ICE’s excellent achievement of 1,000,000 Man Hours LTI Free.  It’s a great record that ICE should be truly proud off.  We at Kerman applaud a major subcontractor that can carry out such a significant amount of site work without an LTI.


Chris Kerman
Managing Director
KERMAN Contracting Pty Ltd



“ICE were engaged by LogiCamms to deliver the E&I portion of work associated with the Adelaide Desalination Transfer Pump Station and Pipeline on behalf of SA Water. Their strong safety record and stringent work practices were instrumental in the final decision to award the contract and this was validated at the end of the project by working 10,000 hours with no recordable injuries”.

Tony Petruzzelli
Senior Project Manager
LogiCamms Southern Region




Santos GLNG CRWP loop and Wallumbilla manifolds area manager Sébastien Muller-Feuga commended the team, comprising Santos GLNG, Fluor, Tenix and ICE personnel, on a job well done.

"Blowing down started late Friday night through to Saturday and the plant was back under Santos Ops PCC control at 8am Tuesday morning, as per the plan", Sébastien said.

"In the meantime, dozens of people worked together day and night to complete seven different packages of work in as many plant locations."

"It was a real team effort, with everyone aligned to a single objective and working together on a tightly organised plan."



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